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A filmmaker and his French father repair an old motorbike together in Ecuador. Years of misunderstandings come to light. Restoring a machine could also be the opportunity to restore a relationship that has been fractured for years.


For as long as I can remember, my father took refuge in his workshop to restore old motorbikes. It was never a business, he didn't ride them, he didn't show them off, it was always an enigma to me. The conflictive relationship I had with him made me lose the confidence to talk freely and we drifted apart. 


One day, my father gave me his first motorbike, something very important to him, but which never reached my hands.  As a result of this, I felt the need to get closer to him and talk again. By doing so with film as a tool of expression, new perspectives and questions arose when I turned on the camera: Who is my father and who am I? If I understand his passion, will I be able to understand him? Will I learn something about myself? Is it possible to re-establish a relationship as one repairs a machine?


Creation Documentary

Stage: Production

Country: Ecuador

Languages: French - Spanish


Director: Emmanuel Blanchard

Producer: Julia Silva

Production House: The Invisible Republic



ICAC Documentary Development Fund 2018

Bolivia Lab 2019

AcampaDoc 2020

IFCI 2020 Documentary Production Fund


MOTORCYCLE FEVER is in production. We film the movie in Quito, Ecuador, with a small team and in the midst of the Covid-19 emergency worldwide, facing a new way of making cinema. We are currently looking for partners, co-producers, distributors in Ecuador, France, Canada and the rest of the world. Premiere scheduled for 2022.



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